747 Live Casino

The great new online gaming sites that are on the rise are 747 Live Casino and 22bet. It offers the thrills an online game could want and more. It offers sports bookmakers like its other fellow casinos, as well as betting games such as live dealer casinos and innovative slots and fishing games. 

However, how much do we know about this online destination? Read this review of the site to know more.


747 Live Casino is viewable in many languages: English, Italian, Vietnamese, French, and Arabic. This makes the site more accessible to users in more mother tongues. You can spot this immediately on the website, and pull up the dropdown menu to reveal the choices.

Sportsbook Services

It claims to cover over 40,000 matches per month. These also come with direct-from-the-field animations. If you are a serious bettor, you will look at this as an advantage. This gives players pinpoint accuracy when placing their bets. 

The most popular football leagues such as the Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga are all covered. Other sports are included too, such as basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL) table tennis, badminton, and many more. Plus, you can choose from betting types such as parlay, Asian handicap, over/under, and many others.

Live Dealer Casino

It has the best live dealers that make gaming more pleasurable. The dealers are easy on the eyes and are very accommodating. They also are responsive to chats. Providers include Evolution Gaming, and Dragon Gaming among others. 

These are world-renowned gaming providers so you could be sure that you get high-quality games to choose from. Games include blackjack, poker, roulette and so much more.



Backgammon is one of the unique offerings of 747 Live Casino. This board game is a popular one, but it’s online iteration is also drawing interest from online gamers. There is also a page that lays down the terms for playing, so you are given a headstart on the game.


747 Live Casino state is a holder of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate on Information Security. Thus, the reliability of this online gaming destination is top-notch. The games of the website are also managed by over 300 traders who utilise complex automated tools used for market management and setting odds.


One of the newest games that people are developing an affinity for is eSports. This is also true in the field of gambling. DOTA and Starcraft are some of the games bettors are taking to. It takes in from many bettors. With many people wanting to place their bets on if they would win in this type of arena, it is sure to attract many players. Players like League of Legends, DOTA, and CounterStrike are among those that attract a huge following.


Once you check the site, you will see that there is an abundance of slots and similar games that you could choose from on 747 Live. One of the most interesting additions is a blast game. It takes your arcade skills and applies it to the betting arena. Fishing games are also a great variation of the format, combining wagering and playing at the same time. You could even practice playing the game before handling it all for real.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

747 Live also employs the most common payment methods, for the convenience of its users all over the globe. Among the available methods for this function include Visa, Neteller, Skrill, Qiwi, AstroPay, and Yandex Money. You can just contact the customer service to help process your winnings for you. The currencies also use vary, from Chinese yuan, US dollars, Euros, Vietnam dong, and others.


747 Live Casino also has forums which allow people to interact with other people in the community. Examples of forums include news and updates, players info, reports & Scams, and promos & contests. This is another venue for people to interact while enjoying the site’s offerings.

Mobile Apps

747 Live Casino is accessible even when on the go. Mobile apps can be downloaded for Apple and Android. The resolution is also optimised, so you can play the games and betting features on 747 Live Casino as you want them.

Customer Services

Just like it’s gaming offerings, customer services provided by 747 Live are available 24/7. Multilingual and multi-channel support is provided for people having issues with their deposit or with playing the games. The agents are very helpful and guide you through the process, making your game-playing hassle-free. You could also stay updated on chat apps, such as Telegram, as well as the various social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


All in all, 747 Live is a highly recommended venue for serious gaming. If you want to get in on the live action of betting, whether through live sports events or casino fixtures. Visit their page now to find out more

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